Shopfitting Tips

There are so many factors to consider when shopfitting your store. Including lighting, branding, shelving etc. and this can make the whole process to be daunting for you. Getting the right layout and displays in your shop can be somehow challenging. But because you want to maximize your sales, you have no other option.  For more information visit

If you are planning to design your store here are some exciting shopfitting ideas.


Choose the right accessories and layout

The manner in which you display your goods determines whether the customers will be attracted to your store. If you get it right you will see customers flooding in your shop but if you get it wrong then you will be chasing them away. People dislike cramped places. Ensure that your layout gives the impression of space. Also, use your space to display as many products as possible.

Clear signs and labels

No one wants to waste their time searching for a product. Some shoppers may ask for help finding the item but many of them will leave and go to the next store. You should label product categories or placement clearly so that the customer does not have a hard time finding it. Place signs in strategic locations and use clear language to label them. Also, carefully placement will signify the product category.

Proper Lighting

You may have the best display units and the best layout but without lighting, you may not attract many customers. When planning your layout make sure that you ask the shopfitter the right lighting for your store so that consumers can clearly see the items as well as the labeling. Also, remember that lighting is influenced by the type of shelves you have in your shop. For example, glass shelves are suited better for a bright spotlight.


It is usually an overlooked factor but an important one. When placing shelves in your shop think about your target audience. For example, if you are targeting the elderly, place the shelves at a comfortable height because they cannot spend a lot of time squatting or bending to pick the item. People won’t notice the convenience built into your shopfitting but they will notice the inconvenience if they are uncomfortable.

Try to choose the best shopfitters so that they can bring out your goals and aspirations to the project. And also if you are redesigning an old store, spot out any dead ends that need additional planning in order to maximize the space.


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